Adult Sunday School is held Sunday mornings at 8:45am in the Fireside Room. 

We are currently studying the book “The Prophets as Preachers” by Dr. Gary Smith. Join us for a time of discussion and sharing. 

The Old Testament prophets were God’s messengers to Judah and Israel. They declared God’s words to common men and women, wealthy kings and judges, and large groups at public events... the Hebrew prophets addressed people who lived hundreds of years ago, but their words contain theological principles that are applicable to each new generation of readers.
- an exert from chapter 1, “The Prophets as Preachers”

Past books we've studied:

"Interrupting Silence: God's Command to Speak Out" by Walter Brueggemann.

"If the Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus" by Philip Gulley

“On Being Presbyterian: Our Beliefs, Practices, and Stories” by Sean Michael Lucas